Frequently Asked Questions For Job Seeker

Khazanah Nasional Short-Term Employment Program or MySTEP 2021 Program is a Government initiative to offer contract employment opportunities across all economic sectors.

  1. Malaysian, aged 18 – 30 years old
  2. Unemployed for 6 month and above
  3. Diploma / Degree holder for any background of studies
  4. Minimum 3 months employment contract
  5. Mandatory to attend one (1) month soft skills and functional skills training

  1. Unemployed graduates who do not have any working experience (has completed final exam) for 6 months or more
  2. Unemployed and/or retrenched workers for at least 6 months

Mandatory training will be held from 29 March 2021 – 20 April 2021 (subject to change) and training venue will be informed by secretariat through invitation email.

100% attendance is required. However, under valid circumstances, we may allow participants to take leave. For non-valid reasons allowances will be suspended and disciplinary actions will be taken against the graduates.

6 months (1 month training + 5 months OJT). However, after the third month candidates can resign from the Host Companies if they get better job offer or to further their studies.

Not less than 5 working days and need to inform ZOHL Consultancy Sdn Bhd as well. 24-hour notice will result in you having to re-imburse the Government for the whole amount spent on you in this program and further disciplinary actions will be taken against you.

Soft Skills

Functional Skills

Mindset transformation

Outstanding Customer Service

Organizational Skills

Sales and Marketing Fundamentals

Interpersonal Communication

Supply Chain Management Best Practice

Critical Thinking

Introduction to Financial Management

Leadership and Influence

Essentials of Project Management

The candidates need to fill-up the online application form at Further enquiries please contact 013.206.1038

Frequently Asked Questions For Host Company

The application is opened to all locally registered companies with valid business registrations with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

There is no limit. However, we reserve the rights to evaluate your requirements and recommend accordingly.

No. Host Companies are not required to pay additional allowance to the candidates (except for OT) during this program. However, you are strongly encouraged to offer additional allowance as deemed necessary.

6 months (1 month training + 5 months OJT). However, the Host Companies must release the candidates who are offered permanent jobs elsewhere during OJT period.

We prefer Host Companies to provide the PCs. However, Host Companies can request the candidates to bring their own PCs.

No. However, Host Companies must fill up Appendix B (MYSTEP21 Placement Confirmation Form) a copy of which must be returned to us.

We require at least 5 working days for a notice of termination of service. Host Companies are required to inform ZOHL as to the decision in writing.

Yes. However, we recommend that during the interview session the Host Companies highlight the requirements and expectations from the company to the candidates. Mutual agreement in writing is required.

It depends on the company’s requirement and instruction. Preferably the assignments are relevant to their field of studies.

Yes. But preferably the Host Companies would assign tasks which are relevant to their field of studies.

No. But we strongly encourage the company to hire them on permanent or contract basis, especially, if their performance is above average.

No. At the end of the program (6 months OJT) the Host Companies need to inform ZOHL on the decisions (absorb/not absorb).

The Host Companies can offer them permanent/contract employment any time after the 6-month OJT period.

No. The Host Companies need to fill up the Appendix A – ( ) and send to ZOHL for processing.

  1. Host Company to fill the online registration ( ) form.
  2. Upon registration, ZOHL will send to Host Company:
  3. MySTEP Contract Agreement to be signed.
  4. Once ZOHL has received all the documents from the Host Company, ZOHL will select the resumes matching the Host Company’s requirements.
  5. ZOHL will send the resumes of candidates to Host Company for selection.
  6. Host Company to respond to ZOHL within 3 days for selection of candidates for interview.
  7. ZOHL will inform the candidates and arrange for the interview.
  8. Host company to notify ZOHL of successful candidate within 3 days of the interview.
  1. ZOHL will send the following documents for submission:


  • Appendix B – Placement Confirmation Form

Host company to submit the form to secure the candidates.

  • Appendix C – Monthly Performance Appraisal Form

Host Company to fill and submit to ZOHL at the end of each month for allowance payment by Khazanah. Late submission will delay the allowance payment to candidates.

  • Appendix D – Overall Performance Appraisal Form

Host Company to fill and submit to ZOHL at the end of the 5 month On-Job-Training.