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Corporate Copywriter

Copywriter for ZOHL Web Services
Part Time
Category : Services Salary : 2,500RM Experience(s) : 3 Year


Fundamental job requirements generally include: - Writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy - Driving the creation of original concepts that result in effective and compelling communication - Understanding different language styles that appeal to various target markets - Developing and maintaining a clear and consistent brand voice - Experience with web markup language and search engine optimization - Familiarity with commonly used style guides - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills - Self-motivated and organized


Our main idea and intention behind this portal is to help provide a convenient channel for people to share their experience and engage in discussions about what matters the most to them in relation to the services received and offered by the service providers and/or stakeholders in various categories. In addition, serves as a pressure group to ensure optimum service delivery by service providers and/or stakeholders to their respective customer/target groups. It will also provide a platform for consumers/general public to get their opinions across to service providers and/or stakeholders. This portal can help service providers/stakeholders determine what is gratifying or lacking in the services they provide. This enables them to address any shortcomings or initiate any improvements.


Currently we have five portals that require constant copywriting. A diverse portfolio will feature a variety of media and formats: print ads, television, radio, digital ad banners, search engine optimized (SEO) web content, blog posts, bylines and direct marketing email.

Good written and verbal communication skills are vital because you’ll be interacting with teams and clients. You’ll need to explain, sell and defend your ideas, while remaining open to feedback and constructive criticism. Creativity, attention to detail, adaptability and marketing knowledge are also required.

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