What should I include in my job description?
We encourage employers to make their job ads clear and concise. You can easily organize your position’s responsibilities and requirements with bullet points numbered lists, and other formatting tools we have available. It can be helpful to add benefits, salary range, and perks to make your job more appealing, but it is important to stay on message. Job descriptions that are too extensive and detailed can result in unqualified candidates because requirements can be easily overlooked. On the other hand, jobs that are too ambiguous and vague can discourage candidates from applying because there’s not enough information about the position.
The best title will be short, sweet, and to the point. A few, specific words relating to the position is all you need! Remember: Job seekers may be searching any/all keywords related to your position. You might even consider creating a few job ads with different titles to cover all search options. Also, add any/every keyword you think applies in the title and/or job description.
Be sure not to include extraneous symbols, your company name, or a web address in your title. These additions are often flagged by our job board partners.
It’s always beneficial to place your job under the largest metropolis within roughly 25 miles from where the job is. This assists with search algorithms and gets you higher up on the search pages. You can always include: ‘Actual Job Location: ____’ in your job description if you’re worried about misrepresenting your official office location.
Additionally, if you’re posting the same job ad multiple times, be sure each location is unique and also at least 25 miles away from the other locations. (If you post the same ad in the same city more than once, this can be viewed as spam by our job board partners.) Another easy way to avoid this issue is to tweak the title on each duplicate job ad you post so it appears unique to our partners.
Job Description:
An example of a good format for your job description might be:
1) Brief overview of the position,
2) Overview of day-to-day responsibilities,
3) Requirements that must be met in order to apply.
A few questions you might consider addressing in your job ad: is this position full time or part time? Is this position entry level or is experience required?
Also, a job seeker is more likely to apply if they can get an idea of pay structure and benefits. Specific numbers aren’t necessary, but why not include whether this is a Salaried or Hourly position? Or if there are any health insurance benefits? Free coffee? Mileage stipend?
The length of your job ad will be a case by case decision but we normally recommend you keep your job around 2-3 paragraphs. A few sentences won’t communicate the full spectrum of the job and several paragraphs can seem overwhelming or time consuming to job seekers. Think like a job seeker: Would you want to read a novel? Would you be comfortable applying to a job that is only a sentence or two long? What pertinent information are you looking for in the job ad and how much length is necessary to communicate it?
Hiring Company Description:
Use it! This is a great place to communicate your company history, goals, and practices without cluttering up your job ad with them.
Why do you recommend against including a phone number and/or email address in my job description?
By doing this, candidates may choose not to click our “Apply Now” button to submit their resume and screening question answers. If they apply through our system you can view their resumes and screening question answers online as well as collaborate on rating them with your colleagues. We will email you as soon as you get a new candidate so there is no need to include your phone or email address in the job description.
Can I delete a job?
Yes, but similar to the “Recycle Bin” on your PC, this a two-step process. First, you have to Archive the job. Then hover over the job, you will see a series of buttons. Click the “Delete” button (it looks like a trash can) below the job title within your archived jobs list. Note: you can only delete jobs that have NOT received any candidates. This is to avoid accidentally deleting candidates that you still might want to access. Deleting jobs cannot be undone, so use this feature with caution.
How do I post a job for free?
MyKerjaya does not charge any fees for registration and job posting for a free trial, you may post for free during the period.
How many jobs can I post?
We offer a variety of subscription plans that differ based on the number of jobs you need to post. Your free trial functions just like a paid subscription plan so you are able to get a firm understanding of how MyKerjaya works.
Where does someone go after clicking on my job?
After a person clicks on your job on Mykerjaya, they are taken directly to the job description on your career site so they can apply through your career site or applicant tracking system. If you don’t have a career site, you can post jobs directly on Mykerjaya and receive applications by email. Manage all candidates within your MyKerjaya dashboard. Review applications, schedule interviews, and view recommended candidates.
I only need to post one more job, but all my job slots are full. Do I have to upgrade?
If you need to post an additional job but have already filled all of your job slots, then you will need to upgrade to the next available plan size. If you’re not interested in upgrading, you can close one of your active jobs to make that job slot available. Once you have an available job slot, you will be able to post your new job opportunity.
I want to know more about your packaging & pricing.
Currently, we are offering mykerjaya.com services on a FREE TRIAL. You will be informed by email when our Pricing Packages are available in the near future.
I am a company based outside of Malaysia.
Please note that all pricing and packages offered on the site are only valid to companies that are registered in the country. For international companies, please complete our online inquiry and we will revert back with pricing and packages available, based on your country of origin.