Company Profile


XYBASE is a systems integrator, IPR developer and solutions provider. We have implemented many large IT projects and are known worldwide for our airport IT expertise. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses, without prejudice on the technologies available. Today, XYBASE is in a position to offer a unique products and services, ranging from software, high-technology-based products and services to specialised industry expertise. Apart from providing highly-skilled expertise in Information Technology, XYBASE also offers specialised infrastructure based solutions in accordance with the developments in the world today. XYBASE also invests in business research and development to create and develop new and enhanced products and technologies


Since its inception 21 years ago, XYBASE has positioned itself as a dynamic organisation, investing heavily in developing world-class human capital with the aim to provide superior solutions for respective industries. Our approach is simple - we deliver the prerequisites for high performance business. Our desire and ability to develop innovative solutions to complement business strategies of clients and our responsiveness are by far the differentiating factors. All these we take pride in, as we are after all, a global solutions provider. Much of XYBASE's success can be attributed to our ability to bring together the spirit of innovation and to continuously improve, together with the latest technology. With the perfect blend of high performing individuals and collaboration with leading technology providers, XYBASE delivers state-of-the-art solutions. People are our most important asset, being in the service-oriented and intellectual property business. XYBASE expects the best from its people, where innovation, creativity and hard work represent the culture. Strong IT skills and knowledge are expected out of our team and XYBASE continuously builds specialised and repetitive skills, be it technical or business. We invite individuals who dare to take the challenge to continuously innovate and improve products and services, and who take pride in producing quality work for the local and global market.