Company Profile


Cyras Research Sdn Bhd has been delivering market research services for 9 years since its inception and pride itself as providing timely, quality, budget conscious services to meet clients’ expectations. Our strong knowledge of local landscape which extends to several Asia Pacific countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand brings added insight for clients by providing advice and proposals in terms of feasibility of research approach. Cyras Research is known for its exceptional workforce to cater for Asia Pacific countries through local network of interviewers and wide exposure of research methodologies.

About Cyras Research Sdn Bhd

Cyras Research is a market research services provider helping clients in data collection and data processing with aim to help clients understand market dynamics, identify new opportunities, providing marketing insights to increase profitability or product/service standards. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cyras Research work as a one stop project management and implementation center to meet clients’ expectation in terms of timeliness, quality and budget. Our network of local speaking interviewers span across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Cyras continuously seek to improve and evolve following new research methodologies to meet the ever changing needs of the market. Since the beginning, Cyras Research has benefited from the skills and dedication of people whom are smart, compassionate, innovative, committed. We believe in collaboration, mutual respect, open communication and opportunity for growth. Today, we continue to seek the best talent to build upon our success story. In return, our employees enjoy a progressive corporate culture, supportive work environment and exposure to speak to people from all walks of life in wide variety of research subjects.